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Ashley's Legacy Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide financial resources to established kitten rescues involved in saving unwanted, abandoned or homeless kittens in Miami, Florida. Our support includes no cost medical care and assisting with out-of-state transportation expenses for these rescued kittens in order to find each one a forever home.

Programs supported by Ashley's Legacy

Out of State Transports

There are some transports that need funding in order to deliver adoptable kittens to partner charities in the other parts of the United States. Before kittens leave, they are required to be spayed or neutered, tested for diseases, treated for parasites, and given vaccines and vaccines boosters. Ashley's Legacy assists in preparing them for transport.

Trap | Neuter | Return

Miami-Dade County has a program where the spay or neuter surgery and rabies shot is covered by MDAS. Our charitable organization also provides flea medication, additional vaccines, and parasite treatments before returning the cat to its original location.

Trapper Stipends

Trappers go into areas where there are cat colonies (some with kittens) that are not being taken care of as far as sterilization. Ashley's Legacy will provide trappers with what they need to continue helping the community avoid cat over populations in Miami. And any qualifying kittens caught can become part of the transport program.

Ashley's Story

It all started with Ashley, a rescue from Miami-Dade Animal Services

Maria Oliveira founded Ashley's Legacy in memory of the late Ashley, a Russian Blue mix, who lived to be 18 years old. Adopted from Miami-Dade Animal Services (MDAS), Ashley was a self-appointed and official therapy cat of her neighborhood, regularly visiting the elderly in need of a furry friend.

Born out of a love of all cats, Maria has always participated in Miami-Dade County's animal public health programs and is a leading spay/neuter provider in the network of clinics funded by the Miami Veterinary Foundation, via a grant from Miami-Dade Animal Services. These funds cover only the sterilization, rabies vaccine, and ear tip.  As a result she sees over a thousand community cats each year, most are TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) cases which return to their colony, fixed and vaccinated.

However, there are hundreds of kittens rescued from the streets, born to community cats, that have the potential to be socialized and become cherished pets. Many clients and trappers struggle to save kittens and prepare them for adoption, bearing the costs themselves, in addition to the labor of fostering.  To aid the rescuers who want to help but simply cannot afford it, Ashley's Legacy raises funds to help cover standard and essential veterinary care services in order to be included in various adoption programs.


Help Our Cause

Your generous contributions are appreciated and will enable us to find forever homes for more kittens throughout the year.

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Other Ways to Help


Donate to @Ashleys-Legacy through Venmo. Transactions made using either your bank account, debit card, or Venmo balance are free.


Our Amazon Wish List supplies foster families with items they may need while taking care of our kittens until they are ready for transport.


Mailing Address:

Ashley's Legacy, Inc.

6100 South Dixie Highway

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Fostering Saves Lives

A foster's goal is to take care of our kittens while helping to provide them with all the required medical and social attention prior to leaving on a scheduled transport. No fostering experience is necessary because we give you guidance, access to our exclusive vet clinic in South Miami, and provide any kind supplies you may need. Whether caring for bottle-fed little ones or orphaned kittens at varying ages, we would love to have you as a foster.


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